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01. Arnold Layne
02. Interstellar Overdrive
03. See Emily Play
04. Remember A Day
05. Paintbox
06. Julia Dream
07. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
08. Cirrus Minor
09. The Nile Song
10. Biding My Time
11. Bike

Country: UK
Year: 1995 (remastered re-release)
Label: EMI
Cataloguenumber: 72438356032
Type: normal jewel case
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 1971
Label: EMI
Cataloguenumber: 5C 022-50740
Type: single sleeve
Country: Australia
Year: 1971
Label: EMI/Axis
Cataloguenumber: AX1100
Type: single sleeve
Country: USA
Year: 1971
Label: Harvest
Cataloguenumber: SW-759
Type: single sleeve